Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips

So you finally decided to clean up the mess you made. Cleaning your home can be one of the most boring tasks you have to do on a daily basis—well, at least it should be daily. If you’re not cleaning it daily, then this blog post will be extremely beneficial for you. Without further delay here’s some cleaning tips for your home it does not necessarily have to be boring. Just put on some music, and suddenly, it’s just a dance party with a few necessary moves. 

When should you clean your home?

First and foremost, we have to make sure you’re cleaning your home routinely. You can’t always wait for trash to pile up and wash it. It’s not okay to let harmful bacteria and germs consistently linger in your home. Cleaning has to be a part of your schedule. If you’re not used to cleaning every day, I recommend doing one deep clean to get you started. Then, pick up behind yourself in the morning and check your house at night to ensure no mystery dirt/clutter has manifested. If you need to set an alarm to remind yourself, do that. 

If you have children, then you should make them help out, too. It’s never too early to start teaching your children to clean. It is an essential life skill they will use for the rest of their lives. 

Cleaning tips for your bathroom

We were going to go ahead and rip off the band-aid by starting with the one that stinks the most. Before you begin cleaning, you’ll need some supplies. Gather some rags, scrub brushes, tile cleaner, window cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, broom, paper towels,  floor cleaner,  dustpan, sponge, porcelain cleaner, mop, mop bucket, toilet bowl cleaner, and a toilet brush. You can also get some air freshener for when the job is done. If it’s possible, you should probably start by opening a window. If there’s no window, keep the bathroom door open.  

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Start by sweeping the floor to remove all the debris because removing it becomes a lot more annoying if you allow it to get wet. Next up is the sink, then the mirror. Get your all-purpose cleaner and rags, clean every sink inch, and leave no hair behind. 

Then get some paper towels (if you don’t have paper towels, you can use newspaper, a squeegee, or, worst case scenario, a rag) and window cleaner. Clean the mirror with the window cleaner and whatever you have. Start from the top and wipe down across the entire mirror. Make sure you overlap to avoid leaving streaks.

Next, you’ll want to get those tiles. Take the tile cleaner and the scrub brush and scrub in a circular motion. Rinse off the chemicals and dirt after you’re finished. Now, we are moving on to the tub. Sprinkle your porcelain cleaner inside your tub/shower. Slowly run a tiny bit of water around the tub/ shower area. It is not enough to rinse the solution but sufficient to wet it. Take your sponge and clean it in a circular motion. Once you’re finished, rinse out your tub/shower.

Moving on to the toilet for this one, you need some rags, your toilet brushes, purpose cleaner, and toilet bowl cleaner. Put the cleaner inside the toilet bowl, leave it there, and don’t flush it. Get your all-purpose cleaner spray the outside of the toilet. Use a rag to clean all the areas you spray. Make sure you get behind the toilet. Then, take your toilet brush and scrub the inside.

Last but not least, get your mop, bucket, and floor cleaner. Add water to the bucket and floor cleaner while the water is running. Take your mop and dip it in the water. Wring the mop and mop the floor. Last but not least, you can spray some air freshener to eliminate the smell of all those chemicals. 

Cleaning tips for the living room/den 

Cleaning your living room or den will probably be one of the most painless rooms to clean. Unless you have children, if they’re old enough to walk and comprehend what you’re saying, then they’re old enough to clean up behind themselves. It takes a while for them to catch on and get used to it, but if you are patient, it makes a huge difference. Well, start by cleaning all the surfaces. 

Typically, you’ll want to use furniture polish and something to polish the furniture. After you are done with the furniture, you’ll want to check inside the cushions of your furniture and remove anything that may be hiding. Lastly, you’ll want to sweep/vacuum the floor.  That’s pretty much all there is to say about the living room/den. 

Cleaning tips for the dining room 

This area is also fairly straightforward to clean. You’ll need a vacuum (or broom or dust mop, whatever tickles your fancy). Furniture polish or glass cleaner is available, depending on the kind of table you have. That’s all for this area unless you have things I failed to mention in your dining room. 

Make sure you polish all the furniture and clean the floor. If you have a hard surface in your dining room that needs cleaning, you can never go wrong with an all-purpose cleaner. 

Cleaning tips for the bedroom 

Over my many years of cleaning, I have learned that making your bed first motivates you to clean the rest of the room. I don’t know why, but it just does. Pro tip: folding the corner of the blanket/ sheet when you’re tucking it in makes it tighter. Make sure you sweep or vacuum the floor and organize your closet. Use furniture polish on any furniture you may have. Also, a little air freshener only hurts people if they have breathing problems. 

Cleaning your home can be a hassle, but it is straightforward. If you come across something that you don’t know how to clean, use an all-purpose cleaner. (Not for the dishes, of course, or the mirrors.) 

Most cleaning tasks require common sense. If you ever doubt something, research it before you proceed. Last cleaning tip, but definitely not the least, is mixing the wrong chemicals could be disastrous. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

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