Home Accessories For Elderly People

Home Accessories For Elderly People

There are many helpful home accessories for the elderly. They include Smart thermostats, comfortable lighting, and sturdy furniture. It is also possible to install stand-assist devices, which help the elderly stay upright. In addition, you can invest in a stair lift if you are planning on purchasing one. The tips listed below will help you make the most of the available home accessories for the elderly. They can also be used to create cohesive wall arrangements for their favorite black and white photos.
Smart thermostats

Many elderly individuals live on a fixed income and can’t afford high utility bills. Purchasing a smart thermostat for an elderly loved one’s home can make monthly expenses less stressful. By controlling the temperature in the house, a smart thermostat can help a senior maintain a comfortable temperature and will also eliminate the hassle of having to remember to adjust it each day. With a thermostat like the ecobee, your senior can enjoy automatic climate control, which will reduce monthly expenses.

Unlike older-style thermostats, these intelligent devices can be compatible with almost any type of heating or cooling system. While most can pair with both Apple and Android devices, you’ll want to check the compatibility list before buying one. You may also want to consider purchasing a smart speaker, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, to control the temperature in the home. An intelligent speaker will make the whole process even more accessible.

Another good option is a smart thermostat for an elderly-friendly home. Many of these devices are battery-powered and have a well-lit display that makes them easy to use. Honeywell has a battery-powered model as well as a hardwired model that requires AA batteries. The display is also large and easy to read. In addition, a temperature indicator lets you know if the unit is in an uncomfortably warm or cold spot.
Sturdy furniture

When selecting home accessories for the elderly, make sure to choose comfortable seating options. Chairs with sturdy armrests are important for balance. For added luxury, leather is a good choice. Keep the wardrobe to a minimum and invest in a sturdy dresser that is suitable for the person’s height and weight. Once the elderly person has moved into a new home, it’s an excellent time to get rid of worn-out or damaged clothes.

Another vital feature to choose from is the storage capacity of the piece. Your elderly parents will likely require ample storage space, so under-bed storage is an excellent option. Also, dressers should have easy-to-grasp handles. You may want to replace the hardware, too. Consider choosing a piece with a square seat cushion for a more personalized touch. These features will ensure comfort for your elderly parents.

Despite its importance, ergonomics and durability are equally important. Design features of furniture are critical to senior customers. The respondents rated these features on a scale of one to five, and the results are similar across Baltic Sea countries. Some of the most important features include durability, low maintenance, and stain resistance. The study also reveals that the majority of elderly people prefer durable furniture over flimsy pieces.
Comfortable lighting

When choosing home accessories, consider comfort first. The elderly have different lighting needs than most people. For example, they need bright light to walk around the house or to see what is in the drawers. In addition, the light should be free of glare or highlights that can temporarily blind them. Lighting ergonomics studies lighting design and, specifically, lighting products. Older people can safely use their homes by providing intense, even illumination.

The elderly need double the amount of light to see clearly and are particularly sensitive to bright light. If possible, bright light should be coupled with appropriate hoods and shades. Reading and seeing are not the easiest tasks as their eyesight diminishes with age. Fortunately, there are many options available when it comes to comfortable lighting for the elderly. So, how can you ensure a bright room for your elderly relatives?
Stand-assist devices

These stand-assist devices can help elderly individuals get up and down from a chair, love seat or sofa. Typically weighing about 6 pounds, these devices are easy to assemble and can be easily placed underneath or on top of a couch or loveseat. They are easy to clean and fold flat for easy transportation. These devices can also enhance safety by helping elderly individuals maintain a better balance. Listed below are some examples of stand-assist devices for the elderly and others.

First, consider the type of stand-assist device you want to purchase. A traditional walker does not have the mobility you need to get up and down from a chair. A rolling walker is similar to a regular walker but has wheels. Another option for those seniors who may need more assistance while standing is wheelchairs. Wheelchairs are easy to maneuver and offer support when walking. Depending on the needs of the elderly, a wheelchair might also be a good choice.

Regardless of the style and model of a stand-assist device, they provide several benefits to elderly patients. They can help them maintain their independence by reducing the risk of injuries to caregivers. Specifically designed lift slings and straps reduce the risk of skin abrasions and tears. Besides reducing the risk of injury, stand-assist devices are easy to use and can help elderly patients bear weight for short periods of time.
Vintage finds

For the elderly, the best vintage finds include throws, blankets, and lamps. These items are available in many fabrics and styles, and a vintage blanket can give a room a unique and interesting character. Try hanging a vintage blanket with geometric patterns over a woven basket. Or you could layer a metallic fabric over a plush chenille throw. Soft, plush fabrics add function to a room and can highlight a specific era.

When selecting a vintage home accessory, choose those that convey a story or personality. You can also look for small trinkets that hold a special meaning for you or the elderly. It is always best to go for older pieces for better looks, but a smaller collection may have a story to tell. Decorative items like vases, glass jars, and antique jugs can give a home a special atmosphere.

If you can’t make it to flea markets or vintage shops, you can buy vintage furniture and home decor online. You can browse through the used furniture on sites such as Chairish. You can search for items near your home and buy them directly online or at a store in your neighborhood. There are also some peer-to-peer marketplaces where you can find vintage home accessories and furnishings at a lower price. Beware of sellers that don’t have enough experience or knowledge of the industry.
Smart light bulbs

The Cync bulb is perhaps the easiest of the two smart light bulbs we tested, and it’s surprisingly easy to set up. The Cync app makes switching colors, turning the bulb on and off, and setting a schedule a breeze. Cync’s Direct Connect line of products can also pair with Siri or other voice assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant. They also don’t need a separate hub like the other smart lighting products; they cost just $24 for a two-pack.

A major benefit of smart bulbs for the elderly is that they can control their brightness, schedule lighting, and even interact with the rest of the house. These WiFi-enabled LED bulbs can be controlled remotely from a mobile device or an automation system. Some of these products even feature voice recognition systems, which are a step up from The Clapper. Some models can even help prevent falls by turning on and off at a touch of a button.

As a bonus, these home accessories for the elderly also help lower energy bills. You can set the lights to turn on and off at specific times of the day. For instance, if your elderly parents are home alone at night, smart lights can help ensure safe home access. By waking up at the right time, they can use the light to turn on the right lights before they go to bed. It can even be programmed to turn off when you leave the house.

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