Home Decor Trends for 2022

Home Decor Trends for 2022

In 2022, rustic elements were a big trend. The look features reclaimed wood, pieces with patina, vintage items, flea market finds, and quirky travel mementos. Designer Amber Lewis has perfected the rustic vogue look, creating rooms with character and warmth. Grandmillennial style embraces wicker, chintz, and linens with scalloped edges and hems. Slipcovered tables are also on-trend, as are plenty of blue and white.
Natural elements add texture and warmth to a room.

In-home decor trends for 2022, natural elements are making a comeback. From wicker to rattan, plants, and grasscloth-wrapped furniture, natural ingredients will bring a welcoming and relaxed vibe to a room. Designer Saudah Saleem says that plants will remain a popular design element for years. In addition, wicker baskets and feather pillows will give a room a casual, comfortable feel.

Natural elements also add texture to a room, according to Neptune’s George Miller. Adding natural ingredients to a room can be achieved through color and light. Exposed stone bricks and wood beams can add a touch of warmth to a room. A space can be customized by incorporating art, including paintings and prints. It’s best to combine different styles, such as contemporary and traditional.

As for the palette, natural elements are also essential when it comes to interior design. Natural wood is becoming a popular flooring and decor material. Tongue-and-groove ceiling boards add architectural interest to a room, while natural textiles like wicker and rattan are warm and inviting. Light colors like burnt orange and peacock blue add depth and a playful element to a room.
Color is creeping back into kitchens.

Traditionally all-white kitchens are going out of style, and pastel appliances are the next big thing. But color is coming back in kitchens, thanks to a host of trends for 2022. These include bold cabinets, colorful countertops, and tiles and flooring. Here are some of the best kitchen color trends of 2022. Read on to discover how to incorporate this trend into your home.

If you have a brightly colored kitchen, you can mix and match pastels. If you are not a fan of pastels, opt for a neutral-colored dining room. For a more natural feel, try using powder blue and pastels—mix pastels with earthy shades to accentuate this color. Also, blue and white are classic colors and can work well with various other interior design trends.

Dark green and pink have come back into kitchens. These colors evoke feelings of rest and security. They are not as contrasting as green and red but are complementary colors. The neutral color trend of 2021 continues to move away from cold greys and traditional creams and towards warmer stone tones. Creating cozy cocooning spaces is the primary goal, and consumers are starting to take notice.
Overstuffed furniture was a trend in 2022

In 2022, the traditional home decor will return with a focus on functional space and comfort. Expect cozy sofas and softer curves. Overstuffed furniture will also make a comeback, as will traditional styles. While the smoother curves and simplicity of the past will still be famous, the focus on comfort will be the central theme. According to Alessandra Wood, vice president of style at Modsy, the Pottery Barn look will be back in vogue. Also, the wall-to-wall carpet will be famous, bringing the face of the 1990s back to life.

Overstuffed furniture isn’t just a past trend; it was also prominent in 2022. Many homes are becoming multifunctional, incorporating work, entertainment, and hospitality space. Additionally, people are becoming more environmentally aware and looking for ways to save money while decorating. Overstuffed furniture will be one of this year’s biggest home decor trends. This style is comfortable and cozy and will add style to any room.

The look of a formal room will be more inviting and functional with light-toned wood. It will also feel more spacious. Comfort goes hand in hand with space so light-colored woods will be popular in the next decade. Sustainable home decor trends were also significant in 2022. Buying second-hand and responsibly sourced materials will be a crucial focus. In addition, a focus on the environment will be prominent throughout this decade.
Rattan was a big trend in 2022

We’ve been seeing cane and rattan all over the place for the last couple of years, and you can bet that this trend will continue well into the next decade. Both wood and rattan are classic and versatile, reading as traditional, bohemian, or modern. Use these materials to add texture and pattern throughout the house, including your furniture and accessories. This season, try mixing and matching the colors to accentuate the room’s overall feel.

For a chic look in your home, try rattan furniture. Rattan pieces are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and the style is versatile enough to suit many different interior designs. If you’re unsure about the style to choose, you can look into rattan bedroom furniture or outdoor seating sets. At John Lewis, they have contemporary and traditional styles that add character and comfort to any home.

In 2022, wicker was the hottest trend for decorating. Whether renovating a shabby-chic house or your home, you’ll find rattan furniture and other wicker items a significant design trend. Using unexpected textures such as velvet will add a touch of luxury to your rattan furniture. Rattan is also making a comeback, with the latest styles including ruffles and fringe.
Mermaid tile was a big trend in 2022

The look is still on-trend, but there’s a new twist: vertically stacked subway tiles, reminiscent of tongue-and-groove paneling. Whether you prefer a traditional, classic look or something more contemporary, you can’t go wrong with mermaid tiles. These are both affordable and on-trend, making them an excellent choice for homes on a budget.

Incorporate a natural stone look into your kitchen. Use a light grey floor tile with a matt finish, and accent it with pale wood furniture. A throw or two of plush cushions will soften the space. Incorporate a touch of history into the decor, and you’ll have a timeless living room. This style can also be applied to other areas of your home, such as the bathroom, kitchen, and backyard.

The use of wood-paneled walls is also on the rise. This classic design makes a comeback in modern homes and is a great way to add character to a room. Another trend is the use of rustic materials, such as weathered wood, hand-stitched materials, and reclaimed pieces of furniture. Try using upcycled furniture, weathered wood, and vintage accessories for an updated look.

A geometric design is another trend you can incorporate into your home. Geometric tile shapes are both stylish and timeless. You can artfully combine them to create a unique floor or wall covering. If you want a classic look, try using a herringbone pattern on your feet and walls. In addition to hexagon and chevron tiles, herringbone flooring can add a unique touch to any space.
Scandi style was a big trend in 2022

Dark, earthy greens bring the beauty of nature into the home and will transform any space. Although the Scandi style is not new, you can expect to see the trend in more furniture and decorating schemes this year. Tile will also be prominent in the new year, especially mermaid tiles, which evoke the feel of the 1920s. When turned sideways, these tiles resemble tiny fish scales.

Colors of the 80s will make a comeback in home decor. The color chartreuse green is expected to be more common, especially on decorative dishes and objects. Light wood will also be prevalent, adding a Scandinavian atmosphere. In addition to green and white, you’ll also see the use of chartreuse green on furniture. Another surprising trend that will continue to be popular in 2022 is iridescent furniture and decor. The trend also spreads to small sets and festive objects.

Color plays a significant role in a home’s mood, and brighter colors are generally associated with a more upbeat feeling. Combined with rounded curves and bold colors, this trend brings a refreshing change to any space. Whether using bold, complementary colors or neutrals, you’re sure to find a color that suits your needs. But remember to be consistent with your choice of color palette, and you’ll be well on your way to a Scandinavian home!

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