How do you find out if someone died in your home? 

How do you find out if someone died in your home? 

You’re being hugged by your brand-new sofa in your brand-new home. Everything has been unpacked, and all of your items are exactly where you want them. This is the first time you’ve gotten the chance to enjoy your own company in your brand-new home. When suddenly, you notice a dark figure in the corner of the room. It shifts back and forth rapidly; then, like magic, it’s gone. You sit on your couch, your insides are frozen to the core, and your entire body is paralyzed with fear. You need to figure out what to do next. A thousand questions rush through your skull like a hoard of animals rushing through a field as a tractor turns over to clear the land. 

How do you find out if someone died in your home? 

There are many different avenues you could go down to figure out if someone died in your home. Some are free, some cost money and some are a little quicker than others. About 30% of deaths occur in the house. So, the odds of someone dying in your home are about 3 out of 10. 

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Previous owners/ Neighbors 

The first way you can find out the history of your home is by contacting the previous owners or the neighbors. The previous owners of the home typically have a lot of insight since they were the ones living there before you. However, if they happened to be hermits who didn’t care about the homes history.  You can dust off those communication skills and try your luck with the noisy neighbors. 

Real Estate Agent 

Violent deaths in the home can decrease a home’s property value by up to 25%. This number will vary depending on the location and nature of the death. Some real estate agents aren’t required to give you all of the home’s information, so when you are buying a home, make sure you ask for the disclosure documents. 


You could hire an investigator or house historian to investigate your home’s history. They know all the right places to look for documentation regarding previous owners and major events that took place in your home. This is probably the most expensive option you could choose. You should probably avoid wasting your money with this option unless it’s serious. 

Vital Records/Libraries

Another cool way to see if someone died in your home is by checking the libraries or vital records. Libraries tend to have newspaper archives that you can look through for obituaries. Going down this route will really make it feel like you’re doing a full official investigation. 

The Internet 

The last and most obvious way that I’ve found. It is by using the internet. You can search the web for information regarding previous owners of your homes and obituaries if you add quotation marks in your search query that let the search engine know that it must include anything inside the quotation marks. 

There are also a few websites dedicated to seeing if someone died in your home, such as and housecreep. Dead in-house is the pricier option that will give you more accurate results. It won’t break the bank, but it costs something. House creep is the free option that will provide you with results in the immediate area and 5 kilometers into the surrounding areas. 

Even if there is no record of someone dying in your house, there is still a chance that it happened, especially in older homes. Records can be thrown away, lost or not written down at all. Serial killers exist, and they’re not going to make records at all. So if you find that you’re in a situation where you think there’s something wrong with your home and you don’t feel safe. Do your research, and if you come up with nothing but you still don’t feel safe, go with your gut. If you came here just because you were bored and curious, now you can answer when someone asks you, how do you find out if someone died in your home? 

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