3D Small Table Lamp



Switch mode: touch/remote control
Product power: 3W
Product voltage: 5V
Base: 87x87x42mm
Single product box size: 22*15.3*5.5CM27775377 4c6b 45c1 9ead ba2994ddceff9c022fda 345d 434b 8ebf 0ce139eab4245bab0357 232d 41b8 ad69 ad0bd1d6c4ccbf428d15 edc7 48d8 9134 b4c7b4a10d49b4e5eb60 034f 42c9 b5ea 8ef26c47725970fc3153 5be8 4b4c 92de 779cb960a126e25bbd6c 227b 4984 8410 b8f710a2f9fe

Additional information

Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 220 × 153 × 55 cm

Touch, Remote control


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