Foldable hanging trash can




Hanging cabinet trash can: The trash can can be hung on the kitchen door, cabinet door, kitchen door, drawer, car or other places. The thickness of the door must be less than 2.2 cm.
Unique foldable trash can: The foldable kitchen trash can does not take up valuable space in the kitchen. When not in use, it can be folded and opened when in use.
Capacity 7L: 27*20*14.5 cm; the trash can is medium in size, made of high-quality plastic and elastic rubber, non-toxic, odorless, durable. You can use our hanging dustbin for a long time.
Kitchen essentials: easy to install, just connect the compact folding trash can to all drawers or cabinet doors. Compared with the trash can under the sink, when cooking fresh food, sliced and sliced, there is no need to constantly open and close the cabinet door with wet hands.
Wide range of application: There is a fixed bracket at the bottom of the bin, and it can be placed on the floor if necessary. Widely used in kitchen, dormitory, living room, bedroom, car, office, etc.
Material: PP, TPE
Size: 27*20*6cma50d6863 b5d9 4c0e 98e7 e29e9262c9427fa0f55f 4842 41a6 a61e 2d7e7304e558b7298d5a d078 479b 89a0 9fc693d25dc47aa445e7 3eac 4384 8289 f42828f7df566e7df268 390e 42eb a433 dc1be08ad58356ed1fae 9d92 40bd ab40 935aafa290dd0f4a3172 c3af 4899 a3d6 3b3d1babd1d2

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Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 270 × 200 × 60 cm

Pink, Beige, White


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