Mainstays 13.2Gal 50L Motion Sensor Kitchen Garbage Can Stainless Steel Automatic Kitchen Trash Can



  • Is Smart Device: YES
  • Brand Name: BOUSSAC
  • Origin: US(Origin)

The Mainstays Stainless Steel Motion Sensor Trash Can is perfect for large families or busy environments. For improved cleanliness and hygiene, this trash can operates with infrared motion sensor technology to allow you to simply wave your hand above the sensor at the front of the lid to open it automatically. The lid will remain open as long as there is an object in front of the sensor and close gently five seconds after the object is removed. Perfectly sized to accommodate any standard 13 gallon trash can liner, this durable stainless steel garbage can features an oval design with flat sides to allow it to be placed flush against a wall or kitchen island.

  • Mainstays Stainless Steel Motion Sensor Trash Can

  • Compatible with standard 13 gallon trash bag liners

  • Hands-free motion sensor technology improves cleanliness and hygiene

  • Removable liner ring keeps garbage bag securely in place and hidden from sight

  • Infrared technology opens the lid with just the wave of a hand

  • Lid stays open while objects remain in front of sensor

  • Lid closes gently on its own five seconds after objects are removed

  • Re-triggering technology re-opens the lid when any object interrupts the infrared beams during closing to prevent lid from closing on your hand

  • Manual mode option for bigger jobs for when you need to keep the lid open longer than usual

  • Advanced infrared technology preserves motion sensor battery life for more than 10,000 openings, equivalent to over one year of use

  • Requires three C-cell batteries (not included) for operation

  • Constructed from commercial-grade T430 stainless steel

  • Trash can measures 11.34" W x 16.38" L x 26.42" H

  • Weighs: 7.12 lbs.

  • Wipe clean as needed with damp, non-abrasive cloth

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